Monday, February 23, 2009

Feb 23

I had a spare moment to go to the Old City and we went to an old old library that has been run by the same family for years and years. We got to see the coolest old books! They had this one book on poisons and remedies that was dated back to 997. It was so amazing, this lady that was nice enough to show us this stuff (which is not common to get in, but this one girl in our group, Jane, is able to win anyone and everyone over) and she was just handling the books like it was no big deal and letting us handle them and take pictures.
Then, like usual, we hit up a couple churches before Hebrew class. We Have been playing soccer and volleyball any chance we aren't studiying or exploring around the City. Life is almost too easy here. There are no real trials or difficulties and that in itself is the biggest trial.
Sacrament meeting here is like General Conference every time. The spirit of the people here, along with the spirit of the place just make things intense. I gave a talk on Shabbat (Saturday) and I figured it would be pretty good. I had some cool new ideas on how to really define and develope humility from C.S. Lewis from "Screwtape Letters" and worked on it foor about an hour, maybe two the night before. Well, it turned out that the big window behind you as you speak, with the view of the old city was really scenic while I was speaking because we were having a huge thunder storm with big old lightening bolts reaching across the whole skyline. Also, right before I spoke, there was a violin/piano piece that a couple of extremely talented students played and that just set the stage so that my talk had to be good. I am pretty sure that was my most favorite talk I have given or can ever imagine giving. Music, weather, subject matter, view, people, it all just lined up perfectly for a great experience. I am really happy about that whole deal.
The food here is sooo good here by the way. That's just a cherry on top right? Hasta pronto.

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