Thursday, April 2, 2009

April 2

Hey everyone! So I just got back from Galilee and it was the coolest vacation I have ever had. We went to a lot of the places that can be tracked through the scriptures. One of my favorite parts was taking a boat across the Sea of Galilee and sang Master the Tempest is Raging while the waters all of the sudden got rough. We went on field trips a lot of the days and in the mornings when we didn't, we would have New Testament classes. We had a lot of bon fires and played a lot of guitar. Things were a lot more laid back than they are here in the center and that was really nice.
Tomorrow morning at 6am we're going to the border to go snorkeling and that should be really fun. The activities my committee planned went even better than expected. the Kayaking on the Jordan river turned out to be rafting and the competition to be first was really fun. The other thing we organized was a hike to a huge waterfall with a pool at the bottom we went swimming in, it was sooo cool...and cold! We did more things than I have time to write about, but things are going well and I will update soon.

Friday, March 20, 2009

March 20

Wow I feel totally relieved right now. I took four tests in less than two weeks and I feel like everyting went pretty well, I actually learned a lot of things that I have wanted to learn. When I am pushed by a test and a grade I feel like I can really get down to business and get a lot of things done. So now that I am off of panic mode we just had a Galilee Orientation and they showed us a couple of awesome places we will be going.
I don't have much to write about because I have been way busy, and for the almost two weeks we will be in Galilee and I may not be able to give any updates while I'm gone. But keep it real out there. Until soon.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

March 7

Hey everyone, I just got back from Jordan and we got to visit some awesome places. First we went to Mount Nebo where Moses would have stood and would have been shown the promise land that he would never be able to enter, but for the people he was able to identify the land of Isreal as the promised land they had traveled to before he was taken up by God. Then we went and walked throughh some Roman ruins which was so cool to walk those streets that have been there for more than two thousand years and being able to see the city structure with churches, stadiums, and other huge buildings with the classic arches and the whole nine yards.
The biggest event was going to see Petra and first saw the treasury that is the second wonder of the ancient world. There are so many more things there though that I had no idea where there. There is a lot of hiking there and I climbed up to a couple of high points and had a lot of fun there. Petra is a place I was so glad I was able to go and experience. We went to the Jordan river last and it was cool to see the place that I was named after. We sang a couple hymns there and I really was able to feel that it was such an important place in Christian history.
The night we got back we played a game of soccer and the next morning we went to Tel Aviv which is a more modern city about forty minutes away and relaxed on the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea for a couple hours after we went to a meeting house where David Ben Gurion declared the state of Isreal.
Now that that trip is over we have a couple of midterms we will have during this next week so we have our work cut out for us. In fact, we even have a half day field trip tomorrow to some museums I haven’t heard too much about. It was Shabbat today and church is always such a needed thing. Life is so good right now. I love all of the things I am experiencing right now.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

A couple pictures

Summer Sales Update

I just found out we'll be going to Portland Oregon this summer. I have never been North West and I feel unbalanced having not lived there. So this will be the fourth corner of the U.S., fun fun. We're celebrating the Pass Over meal today here at the center, the only bummer is that I have to dress up...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Feb 25

Today I had one of the coolest days out here yet. We went to Hesekia's tunnels which are underground tunnels they used in times before Christ to bring water into the city without getting attacked, since the water was outside the city. We were waiste deep in the water in a pitch black cave with flashlights. The day was very eventful after that and we went to a bunch of churches and met a ton of cool people along the way. The coolest thing was meeting this Armenian guy that was just going to show me the view from his house of the Old City and it turned out that he took four of us into his house and talked with us for a while and invited us to come any weekend and have a BBQ and that he would introduce us to his neighbors and that we could hang out with all the people there. I had never really been in a native's house like that before and thought that was such a cool thing. I have his number and a lot of people here really want to do that. I thought it was cool because Shant (who is Armenian) has a family that always treated us like this guy did! So sweet.

The day was really just filled with the theme of awesome people and that's what made it one of the best days yet.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Feb 23

I had a spare moment to go to the Old City and we went to an old old library that has been run by the same family for years and years. We got to see the coolest old books! They had this one book on poisons and remedies that was dated back to 997. It was so amazing, this lady that was nice enough to show us this stuff (which is not common to get in, but this one girl in our group, Jane, is able to win anyone and everyone over) and she was just handling the books like it was no big deal and letting us handle them and take pictures.
Then, like usual, we hit up a couple churches before Hebrew class. We Have been playing soccer and volleyball any chance we aren't studiying or exploring around the City. Life is almost too easy here. There are no real trials or difficulties and that in itself is the biggest trial.
Sacrament meeting here is like General Conference every time. The spirit of the people here, along with the spirit of the place just make things intense. I gave a talk on Shabbat (Saturday) and I figured it would be pretty good. I had some cool new ideas on how to really define and develope humility from C.S. Lewis from "Screwtape Letters" and worked on it foor about an hour, maybe two the night before. Well, it turned out that the big window behind you as you speak, with the view of the old city was really scenic while I was speaking because we were having a huge thunder storm with big old lightening bolts reaching across the whole skyline. Also, right before I spoke, there was a violin/piano piece that a couple of extremely talented students played and that just set the stage so that my talk had to be good. I am pretty sure that was my most favorite talk I have given or can ever imagine giving. Music, weather, subject matter, view, people, it all just lined up perfectly for a great experience. I am really happy about that whole deal.
The food here is sooo good here by the way. That's just a cherry on top right? Hasta pronto.